Mission Statement

We're literally the only store online (that we can find) that only sells items that are currently trending and relevant to "now". 

We first came up with the idea when we were seeking to find what the newest trends were, especially videos and photos online that were inspirational and rare. We would save all this content on our social media feeds but after a week or two people would stop seeing the content and be consumed with "now". 

As we gained more online friends in our community and personal pages, we realized many people weren't getting the opportunity to see this content due to algorithms, not being online at the time, etc...

The main thing was, the content would cycle back into our feeds weeks and months later. It was exciting to see the growth and response by people to specific items that were currently trending. 

We were always staying up to date by searching the "trending" feeds on social media and noticed a pattern, merchandise and items were in the spotlight when the an element such as a movie, music, politics, food, new information, etc surfaced. Then people forgot about it as they were distracted by something else.

We decided to maximize on this scenario and create a store and brand that only showcased the coolest, freshest and most currently trending and relevant items and content. 

Due to overwhelming response on our social media page (over 100K views first week!) we decided it was a no-brainer to create a store so our fans could have a community to where they could find all the currently trending content and merchandise in one place. And like minds like to show off their cool stuff and often times get excited to tell each other about what they think is currently trending. It's a part of natural connection between humans, and we're glad we could help.

We are you! This store was built for us and for you! So take advantage of it and let's keep the world trendy!